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Especially designed for Nickel-Cadmium batteries. This charger/analyzer system allows to proceed single cells and/or complete batteries at the same time. Charging and discharging/test proedure can also be done simultanously. The equipment is not product-limited so that single cells/complete batteries of differnet brands can be processed at any of the manufacturer's specified/recommended rates.

DC-CA605ED Charger/Analyzer
Electronic/Digital Instruments

  • Services 2 batteries at the same time - One battery discharge and one battery charge
  • Up to 60 AMPS constant current discharge until 0 VOLT
  • Up to 30 AMPS constant current charge until 36 VOLT
  • Service both Nickel-Cadmium and Lead Acid Aviation Batteries
  • Discharge recording curve printer
  • 1 - 22 cells charge/discharge
  • self calibration*- Made in Germany
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DC-CA605ED Charger/Analyzer D+C SELECT

An additional feature of the DC-CA605ED is the option of self-calibration for current and volt, what allows to a technician to use a multimeter to calibrate the unit on the bench directly in place of the operating battery/electrical shop.

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