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DC-800 Battery Filler

DC-800, Battery Filler

D+C Airparts is pleased to announce the launch of its brand new developed DC-800, the semi-automatic filling system for NiCad aviation batteries.

According to the manuals of all battery manufactures the added water volume during the adjustments of the electrolyte-level must be documented on the test report. Our DC-800 is the only device to meet this requirement by documenting the added water per cell on a USB-Stick. The data from this stick can be easily copied into a test report file.

Further, we offer the DC-800 Tool Box where you will find all necessary different nozzle tips for the different battery types from Saft, Marathon and Hawker (Varta).

D+C Airparts is an Authorized Distributor for all leading manufacturers of aircraft batteries and spare parts and holds the aerospace service and maintenance approval in accordance with EASA Part-145 (Reference DE.145.0118) and is certified as “Known Consignor” (“bekannter Versender”) (EC) 300/2008 (Registry No. DE/KC/01150-01/0318). Since 2017 D+C Airparts is a FAA approved repair station (Certificate Number RD0Y308Y).

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