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D+C Airparts is proud to announce the achievement of the FAA certification

FAA repair station – D+C Airparts is proud to announce the achievement of the FAA certification. Since this year D+C Airparts holds the FAA certificate as a repair station and therefore D+C Airparts can offer dual release certification for the service and overhaul for Ni-Cad Aviation Batteries with immediate effect.

FAA Certificate

D+C Airparts is an Authorized Distributor for all leading manufacturers of aircraft batteries and spare parts and holds the aerospace service and maintenance approval in accordance with EASA Part-145 (Reference DE.145.0118) and is certified as “Known Consignor” (“bekannter Versender”) (EC) 300/2008 (Registry No. DE/KC/01150-01/0318). Since 2017 D+C Airparts is a FAA approved repair station (Certificate Number RD0Y308Y).

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