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Temp. Sensor Test Unit - P/N: DC-700

The temperature sensor(s) in your aviation Nickel-Cadmium battery have to be inspected and tested in intervals as recommended by the respective original manufactures. These are defined in the applicable OMM / CMM / ICA provided by the original battery manufacturers.

Part NumberTypeManufacturerRFQ
DC-700 Temp. Sensor Test Unit D+C SELECT
DC-700-001 Adaptor for DC-700 D+C SELECT
DC-700-002 Adaptor for DC-700 D+C SELECT
DC-700-003 Adaptor for DC-700 D+C SELECT
DC-700A1 Calibration Set for DC-700 D+C SELECT

In order to meet this requirement, D+C Airparts has designed an electronic temperature sensor test unit and the necessary adapters/cables. With this practical new design, a wide range of temperature sensors can be easily, accurately and professionally tested.

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