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Modern battery and power supply equipment cannot be used without reliable, easy-to-use devices that check the condition and functioning of a battery with absolute precision. The requirements of professional users are clearly defined:

Precise measurements, logging of a series of measurements, use independent of the power network, robust technology and reliable performance even under unfavorable ambient conditions. Our answer to these requirements is also clearly defined: The DC-500. The mobile measurement system is specially designed for industrial use, with outstanding features and excellent reliability for everyday use.

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DC-500 Battery Printer D+C SELECT

The DC-500 is a portable device that detects the voltage of a battery (cell voltage, block voltage or total voltage) and automatically prints it out. An acoustic signal is given by a built-in sound emitter. The detected measurement values are displayed on a backlit LCD display. The display is designed with modern Supertwist technology and is easy to read even when viewed at wide angles.

The DC-500 is operated with a user-friendly film keyboard together with the display. With flexible power supply via standard or rechargeable batteries or an external 6-16 volt power source, the DC-500 is perfect for mobile use.

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