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D+C Airparts offers all necessary equipment for a professional battery shop and provides all kind of consumable material. Further we offer specialties for maintenance of batteries like Russian connectors or installation kits for Bell Jet Ranger.


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Saft Installtion Kit

Saft Installtion Kit

Retrofit from Lead Acid Aviation Battery to Saft Ni-Cad e.g. Saft 1656 / 1656-1 for Helicopter Bell Jet Ranger

Part NumberTypeManufacturerRFQ
162922/016710-000 BTR 1656-1 Kit Saft SELECT



Retrofit from Ni-Cad Aviation Battery to Lead Acid e.g. G-641 (wet) or 7641-20 (sealed) for Helicopter Bell Jet Ranger

Part NumberTypeManufacturerRFQ
SH297NM Installation Kit for BTR G-641 Gill SELECT
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