28V Li-ion battery system

Saft’s 450VH1 for the A350 is a 28V Li-ion battery system designed to provide high peak power for auxiliary power unit starting, backup energy for emergency avionics and network voltage regulation.


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450VH1, 28V Li-ion battery

Saft is well positioned as a battery system integrator to guarantee the highest levels of safety and reliability necessary for such technology.

Saft’s new Li-ion battery systems are conceived in compliance with the highest levels of design requirements (DAL-A DO-178B, DO-254, and DO- 311, integrating embedded electronic module battery management system.

Please contact us for the SAFT Li-ion battery 450VH1 and the BattCare as well as for the initial provisioning procedure!

The BMS allows for

  • Charge / Discharge Management
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Cell balancing by individually monitoring each cell voltage
  • State of charge
  • Down stream communication bus ARINC429

Main features

  • System architecture redundancy levels
  • High cycle life capability
  • Good energy-to-weight ratio
  • High Power density
  • Very low self-discharge

Key benefits

  • High integration level with fuses, contactors, and voltage measurements (previously integrated in the TRU)
  • Significant weight reduction up to 10 kg compared to Ni-Cd
  • Maintenance free
  • Reduced volume by eliminating separate charger


Fixed wing aircraft
Airbus A350XWB

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